Cleveland Tramrail (Tarca) & Accessories

As a partner to “Cleveland Tramrail” Products from company Gorbel we are your contact for this special rail-system, also called “Tarca Track“, which will stay for a maximum of load-bearing capacity and durability. This Tracks are superior to I-beams in safety and areas of application. An optional, movable suspension guarantees less wear whereby the cost intensive maintenance as well as the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) from your investment will be effectively minimized

Our commitment therefore is to provide you with these cost-efficient Track solution for your special requirements and to support you as a long-term and fair partner.

These Tracks are manufactured using stringent quality assurance procedures and consist of a lower rail made of high carbon steel C60 as per DIN EN 10083, material number 1.0601, a web plate and upper flange from S355. We therefore guarantee to supply you a customized Track system for your highest requirements. 

Scope of supply:

  • Tramrail Monorail Cranes with capacities up to 40t
  • Carriers and drive systems
  • Tramrail Monorails “straights” and “curves”
  • Interlocking devices
  • Switches
  • Power rails
  • Accessories
  • Spar- & Wearparts

…we meet your expectations